A Kiss Is Just a Kiss. Unless…


Check out my new piece on the meaning of the New Year’s Eve kiss on  The Frisky.

Spoiler alert: I think the NYE kiss is way more than “just a kiss.”


Long Live the Queen

I’m embarrassed to admit I’m not much of a music person. I realize it’s a character flaw, I know it represents a missing part of me. But for whatever reason, music hasn’t been as meaningful to me as it has been to so many of my friends.

That said, when I heard this rendition of Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin, I totally got it…

#Humbled #Idiot

Ugggghhh, one of the most #annoying memes in social media in the last few years has been the preponderance of lucky people telling us how humbled they feel by their good fortune.

A related phenomenon, the humblebrag, a term (and book) coined by the hilarious comedy writer, Harris Wittels, gets at largely the same idea: people just “can’t even” wrap their heads around their good luck and they let others know about this through their false modesty.

Bullshit plain and simple. No one who is #humbled is humbled. They simply believe their own hype.

But according to research done at the Harvard Business School, if you’re really looking to impress people with how smart you are, the way to do it is not by touting your accomplishments. It’s by asking questions.

New York Magazine’s “The Science of Us,” has a great little piece on the subject. So if you’re hoping to learn how to sound truly smart, check it out.



Tragic and Dumbfounding

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.

That’s the headline that appeared in an article in The Onion on May 24, 2014 .According to the New York Times, on average there’s a mass shooting EVERY SINGLE DAY IN THIS COUNTRY.

Politicians send prayers to victim? WTF? How about doing your job and creating legislation to stop this, you craven cowards?!


I’m too angry to write more, but I think the Daily News does a pretty great job of summarizing my feelings here. Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough. More guns will never be the answer. This needs to stop.